Buy Google Play Developer Accounts


If you want to publish your apps on the Google platform, you should immediately buy Google play developer accounts. Using this account, you can easily publish your apps, helping to grow your business. Besides, it will increase visibility and analyze the statistics in detail.


Buy Google play developer accounts to publish your apps and grow your app with a Google Play developer account. Do you want to know – HOW! Then read the article.

Buy Google Play Developer Accounts

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What is a Google Developer Account?

Google developer account is essential for publishing your app on the play store. Besides, you cannot be able to earn money without a developer account.

Why Should You Have to buy google play developer accounts?

Google play developer console account provides thousands of benefits, but here we will focus on some significant and useful benefits. So it will help you to know why you should switch to a Google developer account. Google app developer account helps to distribute your apps through the tutorial of Google play. As the Google play store developer account, you have access to all the premium tutorials. It will help you to distribute your apps efficiently from Google experts.

With the Google app developer console, you can quickly get your name on Google play search. So, it will increase your visibility and enhance your brand ownership on the play store. These all things clumped together to get noticed on Google play store.

By using the Google play store developer account, you can also make your app downloads chargeable. Another benefit of the Google Play developer account is that you can easily save up all the reports, reviews, and statistics in detail for your app.

Google developer play console helps you to track your app performance easily from your android device. Not only this, but it also allows you to check the download numbers and amounts Most importantly, another useful benefit is that you can easily access the Google developers playbook by using it. It will keep you current updates with the best features, tactics, and new strategies to develop your app.

buy google play developer accounts

How to Create a Google Play Developer Account?

Google play developer accounts allow you to make your app available on the Google play store. So that android users can easily find it out. If you use it for your organization, it is better not to use a personal account to create a developer account. Now we will present you stepwise easy guidance on how to create a google developer account.

  • Step-1: At first, you need to upgrade your account before you create your Google play account. You can easily do it by clicking the upgrade button on the page.
  • Step-2: Now go to the settings and click on publishing info.
  • Step–3: To register for a Google Play developer account, you need to sign up for the developer account. Remember, you must be 18 years old, and you should use your Google account for doing this. Then accept all the agreement documents.
  • Step–4: After reading and accepting all the documents, now you need to choose your payment plans. So, click on the continue to payment button.
  • Step–5: Then complete the account details. It will take 48 hours to process the payment, so no need to worry about it. Once you get it, you are all set to go!

How Much Does it Cost?

Google developer account costs a one-time fee of 25$. It will take 48 hours to confirm your account. It does not take you additional fees but charges 30% revenue for the paid app. You can use multiple apps for your business under that account. 

Last Words

You cannot earn revenue from your apps until you have a Google developer account. So without further delay – buy Google play developer accounts and help your app to grow.


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